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Base salary

We offer each employee a market-competitive base salary, updated yearly to reflect current market trends and employee performance.

Performance-related salary

We regularly evaluate employee performance and award a performance bonus.

Loyalty bonus

To thank the employees who have stayed with the company, we award a bonus based on years of service.


We offer employees an allowance for food, housing, transportation, and communication costs.

Special bonus

For research and engineering projects, we offer special bonuses based on difficulty and sales revenue. To encourage cooperation among all departments, we offer special bonuses for inter-departmental projects.


Legal benefits——National people have, the new people have definitely

Social insurance: We offer our employees complete social insurance plans, including pension, health insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment, and childbirth/parental insurance.

Housing fund: In accordance with government policy, we have a housing fund for our employees, to be used for expenses and loans related to buying, building, or renovating employees’ homes.

Holiday gifts——National people have, the new people have definitely

For all national public holidays (including New Year, Labor Day, Dragonboat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, and Spring Festival), SIASUN offers cash or gifts to our employees.

Life event gifts——National people have, the new people have definitely

Big events in your life are also big events in the life of SIASUN. In the case of marriage, childbirth, bereavement, or sickness, we offer cash gifts or compensation.

Family benefits——Every new people are behind the family in full support, it must have

We know that behind every employee is a supportive family. For employees who conform to the policy, we pay the one-child fee and kindergarten fees.

Paid time off

In accordance with the law, we offer annual leave, paid sabbatical, weekends, public holidays, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity and paternity leave, and other related time off.


Outstanding contribution bonus

We offer bonuses to employees who make outstanding contributions (for example, demonstrating excellent leadership, improving work quality, saving company resources, etc).

Research library bonus

We encourage R&D employees to share their skills and experience to help with future projects. For employees who write high-quality materials for our research library, we award a bonus.

Patent bonus

We encourage our R&D employees to be innovative and create new products. For projects where a patent is granted, we award a bonus.

Referral bonus

We encourage employees to recommend talented people to the company. For every successful referral, we give a bonus.

Training bonus

We encourage employees to share their skills and techniques. For employees who give training classes, we award a bonus.

Care for employees

Company shuttle

To help employees get to and from work conveniently, we have company shuttles from the subway station and company apartments.

Medical exam

To catch and prevent health problems, we offer a yearly medical check to employees.

Supplementary medical insurance

We offer employees commercial medical insurance.

Fitness plan

To help employees keep fit, we offer a weekly exercise activity, such as badminton.


To encourage cooperation, create a positive atmosphere, and support work-life balance, we hold yearly teambuilding events. We also encourage each department to hold their own teambuilding events.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

To help relieve stress and maintain work-life balance, we can refer employees to professional psychologists for counseling (completely confidential).