SIASUN CO., LTD. is the headquarters of SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD. established in Shanghai in 2014 and it is an international operation center, integrating production, study and research. The robot products cover directions of application, such as industry, military projects, service, etc.


    The Company established planning, development and marketing centers and transparent Robot Hub in Jinqiao Town, Pudong District, representing the Company’s open innovation and sharing spirit. The base integrated production, study and research, covering 133,333m2 in Lingang, Pudong, is under construction. And it has a digital unmanned workshop and a Post-doctoral Research Station. If you come for a visit, you will see robots manufacturing robots. 


    SIASUN CO., LTD. is setting up a comprehensive international, innovative, first-chair and platformization robot kingdom, and therefore, the Company is in the rapid expansion development stage:    


    We set no regulations and restrictions in employment of talents, but hope our staff is upright and initiative and has ideas and loves robots. 


    We have no huge organizational structure, but a platform for developing a career.


    We have no attitude to stand still and refuse to make progress, but be in a company and industry full of imagination.


    We have no complex interpersonal relationship, but a simple vanguard striving towards goals. 


    As long as you have your own understanding to the robot industry and specialize in it, welcome to joining us.