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  • Robot Enthusiasts
    I'm Robot Enthusiasts

    work together with robots,explore a smarter future;work together with robots,
    work a smarter future
    from the past to the future?
    Do you want to bring your child to the Creatineer Hackerspace to have fun with robots?
    Return to your childhood dreams and explore the limitless possibilities of the world of robotics!

  • Create a guest
    I'm Makers

    Let your imagination become reality, your dreams light the way to the future.
    Do you want to move from drawings to prototypes?
    Do you have creativity and the desire to build your dreams one step at a time?
    With a professional team of technology experts, and the most complete manufacturing equipment and materials, the Creatineer Hackerspace is ready for you!

  • Microenterprises
    I'm Microenterprises

    Are you a robotics entrepreneur?
    Do you want to move from imagination to
    Are you facing difficulties in finding investments or supply chains, or in doing marketing for your business? The Creatineer Hackerspace can help you make it!
    No difficulties can shake your confidence in achieving your dreams.